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A Dive into Sustainable Organizers 2022 Brand Refresh: Behind The Scenes

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

By Mira Lammers | Sustainable Organizers

In September of 2022, we refreshed our brand! Just like our clients refresh their homes with new organizing systems, we have refreshed our brand. We strive to keep our brand fresh for our clients with a modern look, easy to navigate website, and provide useful resources through our social media. Our 2022 refresh included a logo update, website redesign, and we also opened Instagram and Pinterest accounts so we can share more organizing tips, client success stories, and free resources for our followers. In addition to rebranding, we continue to strive to follow sustainable practices and give back to our local community. We hope you enjoy our story below.

Brand Refresh


One powerful element of our recent brand refresh was our logo refresh. When refreshing our logo, we kept our favorite elements of our original logo which were the mountain silhouettes and our play on the reuse, reduce, recycle iconic image.

The mountain silhouettes represent us working alongside our clients to reduce their clutter and make sustainable and noticeable changes in their homes. We guide our clients in reducing stress by creating organizational systems where things are easy to find, and everything has a place. The mountains also represent our connection to the flatirons of the Broomfield / Boulder area. In addition, the three mountains align with the rule of thirds in design and organization, creating space that feels like it has a purpose and flows naturally in day-to-day functionality.

The main change to our logo was the positioning of the arrows. We decided to encompass the arrows into the outer ring and move them to the left side pointing upward, representing how we like to upcycle and recycle whenever possible. We join our client's organizing journey at the time when they need help, and the arrows represent the positive change our clients experience. The upward motion reiterates the positive feeling related to our clients taking those important steps towards their organizing goals.


Along with the logo refresh, we also refreshed our website. One major change was to transfer our website to a new platform. This helped to speed up our website and has allowed for easier navigation and faster viewing for our clients. We also optimized mobile viewing of our website, since we know the majority of our clients find us on their phones. Our goal was to make visiting our site an easy and straightforward experience. In addition to optimizing our site, we also added a blog section to share updates and organizing tips with our clients.


We are striving to provide consistent content for our followers and to be on multiple social platforms so that our clients can follow along on their favorite social channels. We now have an Instagram and Pinterest presence in addition to our Facebook page! We plan to share motivational quotes, organizing before & after photos, organizational tips, and local resources. We hope that you will follow along!

How We Are Being Sustainable

One key element that we believe in is sustainability. We even put “sustainable” in our business name! We strive to be sustainable in several ways through mindful consumption, sustainable donation and recycling practices, and maintainable organizing solutions.


In today’s consumer society, we try to be as sustainable as possible in what we consume and guide our clients to do the same. Many of our clients already have bins and baskets to organize into. We do our best to use what our clients already have before purchasing any new organizing products.

In addition, an organized space helps our client’s from accidentally purchasing duplicate items. Once a space has been organized, our clients can find what they are looking for! There is no need to order another rice maker because they can’t find the one that they already own. Setting zones and allotting a specific space for each category allows our clients to easily find what they own and reduces duplicate or unnecessary purchases.


When organizing, we guide our clients to edit their items and get rid of those possessions which they no longer use. This helps eliminate clutter in our client’s homes, and does a lot of good in the community! We help our clients to donate those gently used items to local shelters, non-profits, or thrift stores. When the items are not able to be donated, we do our best to recycle what can be recycled and only add things that are truly trash to the landfill. One of our current clients has donated over 540 gallons of clothes, shoes, towels, and toys to a local non-profit. And better yet we helped them do it! In addition to helping our client sort and bag items for donation, we also took those items and donated them for our client. The client didn’t have to make a single trip to the donation center. That’s over 42 garbage bags worth of items! Our client got to help out local families in need and now our client is loving their clutter-free space.


The root of the word “Sustainable” is “Sustain,” which means able to maintain at a certain level. We strive to implement organizing systems that work for our clients and their families so that they can easily be maintained. Believe it or not, different people have different organizing styles. While one system may work for one individual, it may not work for another. We get to know our clients and ask questions to make sure we fully understand what is currently working and what is not. Then, we create a customized organizing plan that complements our client’s organizing style. With little upkeep, our clients can easily maintain their organizing systems for the long run. Read what our client Leah has to say about the organizing systems we helped her implement:

“Mira helped me organize my home office. Before working with her, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and felt like nothing had a place it belonged. I had piles of unopened mail and no space to actually use my office. Mira was patient throughout the whole process, and I love that she helped with the decluttering process as well as organizing. She was very knowledgeable about different styles of organizing and recognized that a “macro” system would work best for me. It has been a game changer for keeping my space picked up and I have been able to easily keep my office neat and organized for over a year utilizing the methods Mira put into place for me. Thank you Mira for eliminating a major stress point in my life!”

– Leah H.

We followed up with Leah last month, exactly two years after we helped her organize her home office, and were pleased that her office was still just as organized as we left it!

Giving Back To The Community

One main way we give back to the community is to help our clients donate those unwanted items. Our full-service-promise is to donate one carload for our clients after each organizing session. This not only ensures that the donate pile doesn’t make it back into our client’s home, but also helps families in need in the local community. Our first choice when helping our clients donate gently used clothes, shoes, toys, and some household items is A Precious Child, a non-profit in Broomfield, CO. A Precious Child assists children and families facing difficult life challenges such as abuse and neglect, crisis situations, and poverty. In addition to helping our clients donate gently used items, our owner, Mira, also volunteers at A Precious Child on a regular basis in their resource center and in their donation center. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities or learning more about A Precious Child, you can visit their website.

Final Thoughts

Our brand refresh has allowed us to better serve our clients but has also allowed us to reiterate and dial in our sustainability mission. We took this opportunity to streamline our process and make working with Sustainable Organizers a pleasant and stress-free experience for our clients. We strive to put our clients first while offering our support to the local community and our planet. We are thankful that our refresh has allowed us to make positive strides and we will continue to be the best business we can be.

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