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6 Ways To Let Go Of Items And Declutter For Spring Cleaning

By Alyssa Sporrer | Guest Writer | Sustainable Organizers

Spring is a time for new beginnings and a time to prepare to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. It’s also a season commonly associated with cleaning and decluttering. While it’s difficult to get rid of items you have had for a long time, it can be more freeing to let them go.

Here are six practical ways to go through your items and declutter your home.

1. Accept it has served you well, but you don’t use it anymore

A lot of people have trouble getting rid of items because they have had them for a long time. They used them or wore them a lot in the past. But this isn’t a great reason to keep things unless the sentimental value or memories bring you joy.

It takes some people more time than others to be okay with letting go of items that were once useful or brought them joy.

2. Realize that keeping items takes physical space

Realizing that keeping items takes up valuable physical space in your home is a good way to motivate yourself to let go of things. This space could be used to better organize the things you love and use often. Or, it could be used to build in some space for new items that enter your home. An organized space should have room to add new items without throwing off the entire system.

3. Acknowledge the time it will save

Looking for things in a stuffed drawer or a precariously-stacked cabinet takes time. Items you don’t use or wear often are just making it harder to find, use, and put away the things you use regularly. Consider getting rid of unnecessary items to save yourself time in your daily life.

4. Ask yourself if you would buy it now

We accumulate many items from other people or free events. A lot of items are things you purchased years or even decades ago. When going through your things with the goal of decluttering, ask yourself if you would buy each item new at this time in your life. If the answer is no, you probably don’t need it anymore.

5. Release items knowing it will free up mental capacity

Trying to keep track of where everything is in your home takes up mental capacity, especially if your items don’t have a home and they aren’t part of an organized system. Organizing things shouldn’t be complicated or difficult to stick to.

Mental health awareness is growing, and it’s important to recognize the things in your life that may be causing you stress. If not being able to find the lid to the perfect-sized Tupperware for your dinner leftovers is that last straw in a day’s-worth of things that aren’t going exactly as you would like, it may be time to declutter and reorganize your space.

6. Try your clothes on

Trying on items is a classic go-to way to get rid of clothes. It may seem like it will take more time to try things on instead of just looking at them and deciding whether to keep them or not. However, it’s much easier to get rid of clothes when you know they don’t fit you anymore or you don’t like how they look on your body.

There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way or be a certain size, but clothes are there to fit and flatter your body the way it is. You should feel comfortable in the clothes you own and excited to wear them. If that’s not the way you feel in your clothes, it may be time to donate or sell some of your clothes to make room for clothes you enjoy wearing more.

Spring is a great time to reset and start fresh. Consider taking spring cleaning beyond just the cleaning this season to declutter your belongings and organize your home.

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