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5 Benefits of Organizing and Decluttering

By Alyssa Sporrer | Guest Writer | Sustainable Organizers

The benefits of decluttering and organizing a home or an untidy room may seem obvious. The goal is to eliminate the sense of clutter, and of course, the mess.

But decluttering can also have impacts on mental health and the functionality of a space. Here are five benefits of decluttering you may not have known about!

1. Reduces mental clutter and provides peace of mind

Have you ever had a hard time focusing on a task when the room you are in is messy? If so, you're not alone.

Many people can’t focus on things they need to do when the room they’re in is a mess. Sometimes that physical clutter can hinder mental functionality. Reducing physical clutter in your surroundings allows you to direct all your focus to the task you are working on instead of subconsciously being distracted by clutter.

Surroundings also have an impact on mood. Having an organized, decluttered space can provide a sense of calm and frees up the mind to focus on other tasks or activities.

“We come from a culture where we like to acquire things, and that’s, you know, quite normal,” Mayo Clinic psychologist Dr. Craig Sawchuk said during an interview.

The problem comes when the amount of stuff coming into a house or space is greater than the amount going out. That’s when the extra piles and disorderliness comes in. Decluttering and organizing can free your mind from mental clutter.

2. Makes it easy to find things

Removing items you don’t use often from an area frees up space to easily find and grab the items you regularly use. It may also create extra space to keep items from seeming crowded.

Medicine cabinets and kitchen cabinets are commonly crowded, and people have to remove several things to get what they need. In the kitchen, crowding might lead to stacks of Tupperware tumbling toward you as you search for that matching lid.

Getting rid of what you don’t need and organizing the items you use makes it easier to quickly find what you need.

3. Saves time for what matters to you

Are piles of stuff waiting to be dealt with keeping you from having a game night with your family or getting a quick at-home workout in?

The amount of time people spend every day looking for their keys, shoes, wallet, purse, or the jacket they swore was on the hook in the front entryway adds up over time. Creating an organized routine for where to put everyday items can save precious moments on your way out the door.

Items rarely used might be stored in miscellaneous, unlabeled bins in the garage, closets, or cabinets. When categories of items aren’t labeled or consistently stored together, it takes much longer to locate what you need.

No one wants to spend an entire Saturday going through boxes in search of the Halloween costume that would be perfect for this year or the Christmas lights that were carelessly tossed in a closet last January. Decluttering and organizing now will allow more time to be spent doing something you enjoy with family or friends.

4. Provides confidence when hosting guests

If you were like me, your whole family had to make the beds, vacuum and sweep the floors, and put away all of the toys, blankets, papers, and other items scattered around the floors and tables before guests came to visit.

While cleaning is a somewhat constant thing, organizing items can help reduce the never-ending clutter and mess in common areas.

Having an organized home free from clutter can also give you a sense of pride when having guests over. You may be more eager to have impromptu get-togethers or invite family over for some quality time.

If you’re someone that tries to beat guests to your house for after-event fun so you can throw everything in a closet before they arrive, decluttering and organizing could greatly impact your stress level and allow you to host with confidence!

5. Reduces stress and increases the enjoyment of a space

After decluttering a home, there are fewer things to make a mess. Add in a simple organization system that makes it easy for family members to maintain, and a sense of calm enters a space.

“The brain likes organization. It doesn’t necessarily have to be minimalistic, but it really likes organization. It reduces stress in our life,” Dr. Sawchuk said.

Decluttering a space also makes it easier to enjoy activities such as workouts, movie nights, and dinner parties.

Your brain subconsciously keeps a tally of all the items in your home and tries to remember where they are located. By decluttering and organizing, the systems you put in place allow your brain to relax, therefore reducing your stress.

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