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12 Tips to Organize and Declutter for a Move

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

By: Mira Lammers | Sustainable Organizers

1. Start Early! Don’t wait until a week before your move to start the process. Start as soon as you can.

2. Take Inventory. Walk through your house and notice the items you own and where they are currently stored.

3. Sort and downsize by category, not location. A good order is—clothes, books, papers, kitchen, miscellaneous, then sentimental.

4. Gather all items within a category and make a pile. Are you sure you have everything? Think again where anything else in this category may be stored. Gather any remaining items.

woman organizing, folding, and sorting clothes before a move

5. Sort. Hold each item and ask yourself if it is something that brings you happiness. Only take items into your future which make you happy. If it brings you joy, then put it in your keep pile. If not, then donate it, recycle it, or place it in the trash.

6. Express gratitude to all items, especially the items that you have loved, but will not be moving into your future with you. Accept your decision to keep or donate an item with confidence.

7. Organize. After sorting through a category, organize the items. When possible, store things vertically like a filing system so they are easily visible. Smaller boxes or trays may be used to help contain like items.

donate items you not longer use to a local shelter or charity

8. Donate. Make a donation trip after sorting through each category or set the donations in a designated area and schedule a pick-up after downsizing all categories.

9. Next Category. Repeat steps 3-8 for the remaining categories. A good order is clothes, books, papers, kitchen, miscellaneous, then sentimental.

10. Final Organize. Move any category to a better suited location if needed. A final organize in your current home will allow you to quickly decide where to store each belonging in your new home.

11. Pack. When packing, box by category. Label each box with a room destination and the contents. (E.g. Master Closet – Shirts)

12. Nice Job! Be proud of your progress and hard work. You have made a huge accomplishment!

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